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DHS vs. Kaspersky Lab: Why the US government is ditching the Russian software giant

The Department of Homeland Security’s decision to ban federal agencies and departments from using products from Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab comes as no surprise, say security experts.

Officials say that the prominent company poses a threat to U.S. national security and have given government agencies and departments 90 days to get rid of Kaspersky Lab software.

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Kaspersky software banned from US government agencies

Enlarge / Kaspersky Lab CEO and Chairman Eugene Kaspersky speaks at a conference in Russia on July 10, 2017. (credit: Anton NovoderezhkinTASS via Getty Images)

The Department of Homeland security ordered government agencies to stop using any software products made by Kaspersky Lab. The department cited concern about possible ties between Kaspersky officials and Russian intelligence.

Agencies in the executive branch are expected to begin the process of discontinuing Kaspersky products within 90 days.

According to a DHS statement, posted online by Reuters reporter Dan Volz:

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Kaspersky’s free antivirus software is now available globally

Kaspersky's free antivirus software

Following a year-and-a-half of testing in a few select regions, the free antivirus software from Kaspersky Lab is now available worldwide. Although it lacks many features of Kaspersky's paid product, it includes all of the "bare essentials," such as scanning files, web traffic and email, firewalls for filtering network activity, quarantining malware and monitoring activity of installed apps.

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Kaspersky under scrutiny after Bloomberg story claims close links to FSB

Enlarge / Kaspersky Lab CEO and Chairman Eugene Kaspersky speaks at a conference in Russia on July 10, 2017. (credit: Anton NovoderezhkinTASS via Getty Images)

Shortly after Bloomberg Businessweek published an explosive story under the headline: "Kaspersky Lab Has Been Working With Russian Intelligence," the security firm released a lengthy statement noting that the company does not have "inappropriate ties with any government."

The article, which was published in the early morning hours on Tuesday, says that the Moscow-based firm "has maintained a much closer working relationship with Russia's main intelligence agency, the FSB, than it has publicly admitted. It has developed security technology at the spy agency's behest and worked on joint projects the CEO knew would be embarrassing if made public." Media organization McClatchy made seemingly similar claims in a July 3 report.

In the same statement, Kaspersky responded further: "It's important to be clear: the company never received a request from the Russian government or any affiliated organization to create or participate in ANY secret projects, including one for anti-DDoS protection."

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