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Netflix is testing how to bypass iTunes billing

Netflix is apparently looking into ways to boost revenue by bypassing iTunes billing, including handling future subscription payments from Apple users through its website.

How to use content caching to save bandwidth, speed up iCloud access & software downloads

Content caching reduces bandwidth usage and speeds up downloads on supported iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs by storing updates, apps and other content on your designated Mac computer. Here’s how to set up and use content caching in macOS.

Dutch users gain iDEAL support for buying apps, media & subscriptions with local banks

iDeal, a Dutch-only online payment service, can now be used to purchase iTunes credit and use it to cover app and media purchases made in App and iTunes Stores in The Netherlands.

You can no longer update iTunes payment info on old iOS, macOS and tvOS versions

Apple’s made changes to the iTunes billing system that may prevent some folks on outdated system software from editing their payment method or accessing App and iTunes Stores.

iTunes carrier billing expands to UK’s EE, Germany’s Telekom, Orange in France & Spain

Customers in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Spain can now take advantage of iTunes carrier billing as more carriers now support this handy feature.