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Deadpool 2, Hocus Pocus, Zoolander, and other movies on sale in iTunes right now

Apple on Tuesday updated its iTunes Store with new promotions on movies and other content. Among the deals are popular rebooted films and their originals for under $10, famous bromance titles under $10, and discounted bundles. Check out the full roundup below.

Apple Confirms HomePod’s Supported Audio Sources in Tech Specs

Apple today updated its HomePod tech specs page with a new Audio Sources section that lists all of the ways in which the speaker can stream audio, setting the record straight on some conflicting information.

• Apple Music: HomePod users can ask Si…

Music Tracker’s latest iOS update improves large music library scans on older devices

Music Tracker, an app that tracks your music library’s changes, received an update today that will make it process larger music libraries more efficiently. Ben Dodson outlines in his latest blog post that instead of needing to scan through an entire music library, it could handle the library in batches. Music Tracker keeps users aware of when music that had been added to their music library may have been removed by accident or because of music licensing deals expiring.


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iTunes Match Subscribers Report Upload Limit Raised Over 25,000 Songs

iTunes Match Thumb

Although Apple’s official iTunes Match page still shows a hard limit of 25,000 song uploads for the music storage service, some users are reporting they are seeing additional songs matched and/or uploaded.

Apple Raises iTunes Match and Apple Music Library Matching Limits

Over the past couple of days, MacRumors has received several reports from users who have been able to upload music libraries of greater than 25,000 tracks to iTunes Match or Apple Music’s similar scan-and-match feature, and Macworld’s iTunes expert Kir…