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Twitter confirms bringing back the classic reverse chronological timeline

In the coming weeks, Twitter will begin providing its customers with the option to switch between the algorithm-focused timeline of tweets “that are most relevant for you” and a timeline that displays tweets in the reverse chronological order.

All the new features in iOS 12 and how to use them on your iPhone & iPad

iOS 12 is here. A major iteration to Apple’s mobile operating system, it focuses on performance and reliability yet offers plenty of new features to be excited about. You have new Animoji, or you can create your own. With Screen Time, you can take control of the time spent interacting with your iOS devices. Siri Shortcuts let you create complex workflows that trigger with a custom phrase. Here are the best new features in the iOS 12 software that you should know about, and how to use them.

Apple releases iOS 12 to the public

Apple has released iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad. The update went through 12 developer betas and one gold master version before arriving for the public. 

iOS 12, thoroughly reviewed

Apple’s OS focuses on performance and laying the groundwork for future apps.

Instagram is testing tagging friends in videos

Instagram has confirmed that it’s running a trial of a potential new feature with a small percentage of its users that would permit people to tag their friends in their video posts, not just in photos.