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Pre-Orders for 2018 iPhones Could Kickoff Friday, September 14

Information sourced from German wireless carriers indicate pre-orders for Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup will kickoff on Friday, September 14.Read More…

This year’s iPhones might not sell well, and it’s all the iPhone X’s fault

When the iPhone X launched last year, it was widely expected to be Apple’s most popular device in years. The revolutionary device, so the breathless analyst predictions went, would drive a “super-cycle” of upgrades as consumers discarded their boring notchless iPhones in favor of the $1,000 future.

The “super-cycle” didn’t quite happen in the manner that the prophets foretold, but the iPhone X also certainly wasn’t a failure. The phone has sold well and driven Apple’s stock to new highs, and according to a new analyst note, it could put a damper on this year’s iPhone sales.

“We expect a material disappointment in 2019,” New Street Research analyst Pierre Ferragu said in a note seen by CNBC. “The iPhone X has been very successful and well received by consumers. It has been so successful, that we think it has brought forward demand.”

All those preemptive upgrades will create an “air pocket” this year, Ferragu predicts, and 2018 iPhone sales will suffer. The analysis really says more about Ferragu’s opinion on the broader future of smartphones than it does about the iPhone X.

“History shows the stock suffers materially when iPhone revenues disappoint,” Ferragu said. “This may sound insane, but fits our thesis: iPhone shipments are on a multiple-year decline trend, as refresh cycles elongate, and 2018 was a bump in the trend, as 2016 was.”

Basically, Ferragu thinks that all things being equal, iPhone shipments should have fallen last year, but they didn’t, because the iPhone X was an exception that bucked the trend. Ferragu assumes that Apple won’t be able to pull off the same move this year, so iPhone sales will be significantly down.

Based on the rumors we’ve heard so far, he may well be right. This year’s three new iPhone models are more about price and choice than they are about new features, according to what we’ve heard. There’s going to be a cheaper iPhone X-esque device and a bigger iPhone X Plus, in addition to a new iPhone X with a handful of new features.

2018 iPhones may have faster wireless charging thanks to a new copper coil

Of the myriad changes Apple made to its iPhone line last year, one of the most intriguing was the addition of wireless charging. Though wireless charging has been employed by other phone makers for years, Apple finally jumped on the bandwagon in 2017, with its future phones expected to support the technology as well. Unfortunately, Apple’s wireless charging speeds didn’t stack up well against most Android devices, but that might change in 2018.

According to the China Times, Apple is considering replacing the ferrite polymer composite (FPC) of the charging coil of at least one of its new iPhone models with copper wire. In theory, copper coils will allow for faster and more efficient wireless charging, possibly bringing the iPhone up to par with its Android rivals.

The iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus support wireless charging speeds of up to 7.5W, while Qi charging (which is the common standard in the industry) supports 15W charging. As AppleInsider notes, FPC coils are used by Apple at least in part because they’re thinner than copper coils, which means Apple might have to (slightly) increase the thickness of the iPhone X sequel in order to include the new coil. This seems unlikely.

This could also potentially explain the delay of the AirPower, which was originally announced alongside the iPhone X last fall. If Apple is going to support 15W charging in any of its new phones, it would be unorthodox for the company’s premium multi-device charger to launch without the ability to charge them at full speed.

Apple is expected to announce three new iPhone models next month, including a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus, 5.8-inch iPhone X sequel, and 6.1-inch model with an LCD display. Carrier sources suggest that preorders for the new phones will begin on Friday, September 14th, which would put the release date on September 21st.

Leak confirms Apple Watch Series 4 is launching next month

It shouldn’t be a surprise to see a new generation Apple Watch emerge out of Apple’s iPhone event later this summer. We’ve seen a bunch of exciting rumors detailing the next-gen Apple Watch already, and now we have definitive proof that Series 4 is indeed set to launch next month. That’s because the model numbers for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 family have been found in an official regulatory filing.

The model numbers were discovered by French Apple site Consomac, the source of similar reports in the past, which looked at recent Apple documentation filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission. Apple filings for new products appear in EEC’s database a week or two before new products are actually launched. Tech companies are required to register their products with the EEC before selling them in countries including Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

Apple’s new model numbers, including A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007, and A2008, suggest Apple will launch six distinct Series 4 watches, likely three for each size.

What’s surprising about Apple’s filings is that we’re only looking at six model numbers instead of the expected eight. Last year, Apple launched eight different Apple Watch Series 3 models, MacRumors reminds us, including two aluminum GPS-only versions and six LTE models that are available in three versions, including aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic.

Regardless of what materials Apple uses to manufacture the new Watch models, the most exciting feature of Series 4 devices will be the screen. That’s because Apple is expected to increase the display of both 38mm and 42mm versions without increasing the overall size of the watches.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be unveiled during the iPhone event next month, which is widely expected to take place on September 12 this year. Apple has yet to issue invitations to the media though, so the date isn’t confirmed.

A new leak probably just revealed preorder and release dates for Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup

While any new iPhone release is exciting, Apple’s forthcoming 2018 iPhone lineup will be particularly compelling. As you’ve likely heard by now, Apple this year will reportedly release three brand new iPhone models. At the high-end, Apple will introduce a 6.5-inch “iPhone X Plus.” At the low-end, Apple will introduce a 6.1-inch iPhone with an almost-edgeless LCD display. And right in the middle, there will of course be a second-gen version of last year’s iPhone X.

With September right around the corner, we’re only a few weeks away from Apple formally unveiling its 2018 iPhone lineup to the world. Though Apple hasn’t yet sent out invitations to its annual iPhone event, we might already have an idea as to when pre-orders for Apple’s next-gen lineup will open up.

Citing sources who work for German carriers, the German-language Macerkopf is reporting that iPhone pre-orders will begin on Friday, September 14th. The date certainly makes sense given that Apple traditionally announces new iPhones during the first or second week of September, with pre-orders opening up on that Friday. As a point of reference, Apple last year introduced last year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X on September 12th, followed by a pre-order date of September 15th (iPhone X pre-orders were pushed back until October).

Assuming that pre-orders will in fact begin on September 14th, that would suggest that Apple’s big iPhone event will go down either on Tuesday, September 11th or on Wednesday, September 12th. It would also mean that Apple has the release date planned on Friday, September 21st. Incidentally, rumor has it that Apple this year is ramping up production ahead of schedule as to avoid the delays that plagued last year’s iPhone X.