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Message multiple recipients in separate texts with the Mass Message shortcut

This handy shortcut for your iOS 12+ device makes it easy to text multiple people at once via the Messages app but as individual SMS messages rather than a group chat. iDB shows you how to use and customize it to your liking.

iPhone XR will propel not just holiday iPhone sales, but drive early 2019 to new heights

A new research note penned by Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that demand for Apple’s iPhone XR will be better than expected, with Apple cranking out about 38 million of them in time for holiday sales.

Users spending hours on their smartphone, but they’re using them like a PC, not a phone

Nearly half of smartphone users report spending more than five hours a day on their phone, with one in four reporting more than seven hours per day. But rather than making calls all day, smartphone users are primally using them as …

Project Gemini is Adobe’s new drawing & painting app coming to iPad first in 2019

New software, coming to iPad first in 2019, combines vector, raster and dynamic brushes, sports a simple yet powerful interface and packs in advanced features like amazing watercolor brushes that bloom and blossom like the real thing.

iPhone Upgrade Program pre-approvals for iPhone XR start Monday

Apple will be opening up its loan pre-approval process for the iPhone Upgrade Program on Monday for customers wanting to acquire the iPhone XR, allowing participants to prepare their application before pre-orders for the smartphone…