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How to use content caching to save bandwidth, speed up iCloud access & software downloads

Content caching reduces bandwidth usage and speeds up downloads on supported iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs by storing updates, apps and other content on your designated Mac computer. Here’s how to set up and use content caching in macOS.

iTunes carrier billing expands to UK’s EE, Germany’s Telekom, Orange in France & Spain

Customers in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Spain can now take advantage of iTunes carrier billing as more carriers now support this handy feature.

Apple reportedly redesigning iBooks with App Store styling, Reading Now, audiobooks & more

The new iBooks app should have a simpler Interface with App Store-like design and feature an overhauled store, a brand new Reading Now section, support for audiobooks and more.

Rewind 2017: Apple reveals most popular apps, music, movies & more

Apple today revealed 2017’s most popular apps, music, movies and more.

How to buy apps with iPhone X using Face ID

You can use Face ID to authenticate purchases in iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store with a glance, here’s how.