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Hurricane season isn’t over, as Maria is about to follow’s Irma’s path

Hurricane Maria Forecast

Many people are still dealing with the massive wave of destruction from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the bad news is that it might not be over. Hurricane Maria is next in line, and the storm seems to be following the same path as Irma.

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Hurricane Irma did a real number on NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

hurricane irma nasa

Hurricane Irma was an extremely powerful storm, and even though it weakened significantly as it made its way towards landfall in Florida, the hurricane still caused an incredible amount of damage. NASA's Kennedy Space Center, situated on Florida's east coast, escaped the worst that the storm had to offer, but didn't make it out unscathed.

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Hurricane Irma took 7 million cable and wireline subscribers offline

Enlarge / Destroyed power lines hang above a road on September 12, 2017, two days after Hurricane Irma swept through the area. Power outages played a big role in Internet, TV, and phone disruptions. (credit: Getty Images | Spencer Platt )

More than 7 million subscribers to cable or wireline telecom services have lost service due to Hurricane Irma.

"There are at least 7,184,909 (down from 7,597,945 yesterday) subscribers out of service in the affected areas in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia," the Federal Communications Commission reported Tuesday in its latest storm update. These are subscribers to Internet, TV, or phone service or some combination of the three.

In addition to those 7 million, many subscribers in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands lost service. "Since there are widespread power outages in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, the FCC has received reports that large percentages of consumers are without either cable services or wireline service. Companies are actively working to restoring service," the FCC said.

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Hurricane Irma looked absolutely insane from space

irma from space

Hurricane Irma made its way inland this weekend, slamming into the west coast of Florida before advancing north, and its while it's now been downgraded to tropical storm status, it's still causing plenty of headaches for residents and travelers. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station were safely out of the storm's path — you know, not being on Earth at all and whatnot — but they still managed to get a great glimpse of the incredibly massive storm as it made its way towards a collision with Florida.

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Devastating videos show Hurricane Irma as it rips through Florida

Hurricane Irma Video Update

Millions of people in Florida woke up without power on Monday morning as Hurricane Irma tears through the state, leaving a trail of flooding and devastation in its wake. The storm made landfall in the continental US on Sunday after ripping through the Caribbean as a Category 5 storm late last week. Wind speeds had slowed by the time Irma reached the Florida Keys on Sunday, and the storm had been downgraded to Category 4. Heavy rains and wind gusts reportedly in excess of 150 mph still wreaked havoc on the region as millions in the storm's path were ordered to evacuate.

At 5:00 AM ET on Monday morning, the National Hurricane Center downgraded Irma to a Category 1 storm, though it continues to batter Northern Florida with heavy rains and sustained wind speeds of 75 mph at its center.

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