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Valve revamps its next controller, should make using hands in VR feel way cooler

The “Knuckles EV2” controller is now in developers’ hands, explained at length.

Qualcomm launches a new chip specifically for standalone AR and VR devices

First devices with the XR1 expected to arrive late this year or early 2019.

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise-D is coming to Bridge Crew

The DLC will hit PlayStation first and PC a bit later.

Oculus Go review: The wireless-VR future begins today for only $199

Low-priced VR limits can’t be ignored, but the great absolutely outweighs the bad.

HTC Vive Pro review: Eye-popping VR, with a price that’s a little too real

Is a $799 upgrade price (or $1,099 brand-new) justified for this jump in quality?