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How to use Apple’s Voice Memos app on Mac

Voice Memos, ported from iOS to macOS Mojave, lets you use your Mac to record that important lecture or meeting or sound bites for songs or just about anything that comes into mind. Here’s our detailed guide to making the most of Voice Memos for Mac.

How to access Restrictions and Parental Controls on your iPhone and iPad in iOS 12

If you have a child, you’re advised to filter out any age-inappropriate content by setting up their iPhone or iPad with Screen Time and Restrictions. On iOS 12, the Restrictions section has been renamed and moved to a new place within Settings. Here’s how to access Restrictions with iPhone and iPad on both iOS 12 and newer, and iOS 11 and older.

How to add Apple Music albums to your Home screen on iPhone and iPad

This step-by-step tutorial shall teach you how to add—and instantly play—your favorite Apple Music album right from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad. Although this requires iOS 12’s new Shortcuts app, our instructions apply to the Apple-owned Workflow app as well.