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Facebook brings 360 degree photos and 720p video to Messenger

Users of the Messenger service can now send panoramic images taken with their iPhone and HD quality videos, as well as receive them, using the mobile app or the website.

This is how good PS3 games were meant to look

4K emulation upscaling takes full advantage of high-res textures.

Ask the iTunes Guy: Consolidating iTunes libraries, deleting songs, correcting an email address for an iTunes account

iTunes is great at storing all your music and other media, but only if you let it. If, like one correspondent, you have a number of hard drives with old iTunes Media folders, you need to do some work to consolidate them. In other news, iTunes has changed the way you delete files from your library, but not from the cloud. And if iTunes displays a “session expired” dialog, here’s how to fix it.

Combining old music folders in one iTunes library

Q: I have multiple iTunes Music folders from different old hard drives that were dying, and they all now reside on an external HD. One of them is in my iTunes Media folder, others are named Music 2, 3, etc. I am struggling to find an efficient way to consolidate all the music into the iTunes Media folder. Currently I have to open two Finder windows highlighting two different Music folders to manually compare contents, select the correct content and then drag it into the correct folder; then delete the artist and album from Music 2, and then repeat this dozens of times. Is there a better way?

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MacTrast Deals: Kodak HD WiFi Pet Monitor

The Kodak HD WiFi Pet Monitor allows your too keep an eye on your babies. (Any kind. Animal, human, or beanie.)

When should you upgrade to a 4K TV? – CNET

This handy guide can help you figure out if you should upgrade to a new Ultra HD “4K” TV.

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