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Does your Mac have Apple T2 security chip? Here’s how to find out!

Apple’s custom T2 chip provides unrivaled privacy 
and industry-leading security features never before present on Mac. Some newer Mac models include this chip and others do not. iDownloadBlog shows you how to identify whether your Mac computer has the Apple T2 chip.

How to transfer your playlists between different music services with TuneMyMusic

Transferring playlists between multiple music services is easy until you attempt to do it manually. Instead of having to painstakingly recreate your personal, carefully curated Apple Music playlists on another music-streaming service like Spotify or YouTube, or vice versa, you can…

How to deliver Apple Watch notifications quietly

Quiet notifications in watchOS get sent straight to your Notification Center without lighting up the display, sounding an alert or buzzing your wrist. Here’s how you can manage Apple Watch notifications with Instant Tuning and have them delivered quietly so you don’t get inundated with boring alerts for things that don’t interest you.

Has your new Apple Pencil become unresponsive after initial setup? Here’s a fix!

Have you noticed that your Apple Pencil has become unresponsive after the initial setup with your 2018 iPad Pro? There’s a perfectly logical explanation for that!

How to AirDrop passwords between nearby iPhone, iPad and Mac devices

iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave have brought out a new feature where you wirelessly beam a saved website or app password to a nearby iPhone, iPad or Mac using the secure AirDrop protocol. iDownloadBlog shows you how.