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Snowden leaks reveal NSA snooped on in-flight mobile calls

NSA, GCHQ intercepted signals as they were sent from satellites to ground stations.

Walmart is selling $10 Android phones

Walmart has a pair of LG Android phones on sale for a shockingly low price.

Low-cost IMSI catcher for 4G/LTE networks tracks phone’s precise locations

$1,400 device can track users for days with little indication anything is amiss.

If the Lumia 950 and 950 XL won’t work on Verizon, that’s Microsoft’s fault

There are rules that Verizon has to play by.

PSA: Apple’s iPhone 6s CDMA spec change makes AT&T’s model its best worldphone

When Apple introduced the iPhone 6s at its September 9th special event, it billed the new model as the “best phone for traveling around the world,” thanks largely to support for “23 bands of LTE wireless networking.” But that day, the new iPhone’s tech specs page told a more complex story: Apple advertised a seemingly U.S. and Puerto […]