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You can now connect Waze for iPhone with any Ford vehicle running SYNC 3

If you are driving a Ford and are a fan of Waze, you’ve got something to be excited about because the crowd-sourced GPS navigation app now supports SYNC 3 infotainment.

GDPR is coming soon so Apple starts clamping down on apps that sell your location data

Apple has seemingly started cracking down on iOS apps that have been found to sell your location data to third-parties without explicit consent.

This app features super-accurate GPS, and I can’t figure out how it works

Live Roads promises 1.5m-accuracy with standard cellphone hardware.

New in iOS 11.3: automatically send your accurate location when making a 911 call

Have you ever wondered why Uber can find you, but 911 can’t? Enter Advanced Mobile Location, or AML, a new caller location technique in case of an emergency. Apple began using this life-saving solution in the iOS 11.3 update.

AT&T & T-Mobile now using Apple’s Hybridized Emergency Location tech for 911 calls

Apple is using accurate location information on iPhones to help wireless carriers locate emergency callers.