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The best iPhone X and iPhone 8 deals are from…GameStop?

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Deals

The iPhone X is already the talk of the town. Apple’s best iPhone ever also happens to be its most expensive iPhone ever. And it’s got one design issue that’s already generating some top notch debates — pun intended. The phone launches only on November 3rd, which means you have plenty of time to decide whether you’re going to buy one or not. But one thing seems certain: most buyers will not have to pay $999 for the handset, as there will be plenty of deals to take advantage of. GameStop has one too.

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Gamestop blames “lagging Xbox One sales” for poor software performance

Enlarge / Microsoft and Gamestop are hoping strong performance for the upcoming Xbox One X can help "lagging" current performance for Xbox One software.

With Microsoft no longer reporting specific hardware or software shipments for the Xbox One, public market watchers are forced to use tidbits from other sources to try to divine the system's performance relative to the console competition. Gamestop provided one of those tidbits in its latest earnings report, noting that its new and preowned software sales were both hurt by "lagging Xbox One sales."

The mega-retailer, which has nearly 4,000 stores in the U.S. and 2,000 more internationally, didn't share specific breakouts for the Xbox One or other consoles, but said that new and preowned software sales had declined 3.4 and 7.5 percent, respectively. Microsoft's "lagging" performance was the only reason for that drop the retailer shared publicly, citing it a number of times in an earnings call yesterday. "In both new and preowned, we're seeing underperformance in Xbox One versus PS4, which we believe is due to the coming Xbox One X launch," Gamestop CFO Robert Lloyd said in that call.

Yes, this report just reflects sales from one (major) retailer, and doesn't take into account direct software downloads through the Xbox One itself. Still, the "underperformance" can't be a good sign for an Xbox division that has been falling well behind Sony on the hardware front for years now (though Microsoft has downplayed the importance of that relative race). For current Xbox One owners, poor sales relative to other consoles could continue to impact the presence of third-party exclusives and cross-platform ports on the system, at least at the margins.

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EB Games transforms its used game stocks into a massive lending library

Enlarge / Why choose just one to buy when you can just borrow any used title for a low monthly fee? (credit: The Grey Backpack)

With direct downloads and other digital purchases growing in popularity even among console gamers, brick-and-mortar game retailers are looking for new ways to stay relevant well into the future. To that end, GameStop-owned EB Games Australia is conducting an interesting experiment that essentially turns its shelves full of used games into a massive lending library for a flat, monthly fee.

As Press Start reports, EB Games has opened up the "Swap 'n' Play" program for testing in South Australia for AUS$19.95 a month (about $16). The program lets you take out any used game you want, one at a time, then return it in exchange for another when you're done. Players can cancel any time after an initial two-month commitment.

While the program was originally limited to used games that sell for under $50, that limit has since been dropped. That means even relatively new releases can be rented out as long as a used copy is available in the store, which often happens just a few days after the "initial release.

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GameStop’s new Nintendo Switch bundles are shockingly reasonable

Where to buy Nintendo Switch

If you're still in the market for a Nintendo Switch but refuse to pay over the odds for some $500 that comes with every accessory under the sun, you need to see GameStop's newest bundles. Annoyingly, the retailer still isn't selling Nintendo Switch consoles on their own, but the bundles that went live this week are as reasonable as you're likely to ever see (until supply finally meets demand, that is).

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GameStop is getting additional Nintendo Switch units every day this week

Where to buy Nintendo Switch

We're four and a half months out from the launch of the Nintendo Switch, but plenty of consumers still haven't had an opportunity to get their hands on the console. That might change this week as GameStop expects to receive additional units in limited quantities from July 17th through July 21st.

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