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Consumer Reports says old Samsung phones are better than Apple’s brand new iPhone 8

iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy S8

Apple already sold millions of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units, but launch weekend estimates fell short of what’s expected from typical iPhone launches. It’s not that the iPhone is losing its appeal all of a sudden, but this year isn’t a usual one for Apple. The best iPhone of 2017 hasn't even launched yet, as the iPhone X won't be released until early November, which is why many buyers skipped the iPhone 8 models.

But the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are still great phones. In fact, we called the 8 Plus the best smartphone in the world right now, boring though it may be. The testers over at Consumer Reports don't agree though, and they believe that old Samsung phones are better than the iPhone 8.

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Wild rumor says an all-screen OnePlus phone will be released next month

OnePlus 5T Release Date

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus launched two Android flagship phones in 2016, including the OnePlus 3 and the slightly upgraded OnePlus 3T. One year later, it’s unclear what the company’s plans are, as we have conflicting reports about future OnePlus smartphones.

Only days after a questionable report claimed there will be no OnePlus 5T this year to follow up the OnePlus 5, a new leak argues the contrary.

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The Galaxy S8 seems to be struggling with a very basic feature

Galaxy S8 Text Messages

Sending and receiving text messages is one of the most basic things you can do on a mobile phone. You don’t need an iPhone or Android device for that, but the instant messaging experience is better on smartphones, where you have various alternatives for texting with your family and friends.

That’s why it’s somewhat strange to hear that the Galaxy S8 suffers from an unexpected text messaging issue.

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New report may have leaked the first Galaxy S9 details

Galaxy S9 Release Date

Samsung’s latest flagship phone hit stores just a few short weeks ago, and the company is already hard at work on its next big thing. Samsung is developing two distinct Galaxy S9 versions, a new report says, which is hardly a surprise considering what the Korean giant did with its previous three Galaxy S flagships.

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iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy Note 8 speed test: It’s not even a contest anymore

iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy Note 8

We already know the iPhone 8’s A11 Bionic processor will deliver tremendous performance. Benchmark scores showed that the new chip is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to scores, and it’s even able to outperform some of Apple’s most recent MacBook Pros. But how does the chip fare in real-life tests?

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