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Hotmail or Outlook emails missing in the Mail app? Here is a fix

Just connected a Hotmail or Outlook account to the Mail app, but seem to be missing some emails? Try this quick fix to get them back.

iOS 12.1 squashes a bug causing charging issues with some iPhone XS and XS Max units

Today’s iOS 12.1 beta has fixed a recent issue where some iPhone XS and XS Max customers were experiencing trouble charging their device. So much about #ChargeGate.

Apple confirms missing awards in iOS 12 Activity app will return in an upcoming update

Missing awards in the Activity app after updating to iOS 12? You’re definitely not alone and don’t worry because Apple is aware of the bug and has confirmed that a fix is underway.

Epic Games has fixed performance issues plaguing Fortnite for iPhone, update due soon

Epic Games is aware that performance of its smash hit game Fortnite is “in a rough state” on the iOS platform, but they’ve fixed the issues and currently testing the next update.

A New Bluetooth Security Vulnerability Has Been Revealed, But Apple Already Has it Covered

Intel revealed a new Bluetooth security vulnerability this week, but Apple users can rest easy, Apple has already published a fix.Read More…