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14 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

It’s The Equalizer 2 weekend, and, speaking of sequels, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is also in town. Also, if you’re looking for something darker, then maybe Unfriended: Dark Web is for you.

But you know what’s even more interesting this week? San Diego Comic-Con, as it’s brought us plenty of new trailers and details about some of the hot movies set to launch in the coming months. And that means that yes, we’ve got a lot of new trailers for you this week.

Assassination Nation

This is the story of how a town “lost its mind.” It looks like a different version of the Purge movies, but it’s all because of gadgets and social media. In theaters on September 21st.


Bohemian Rhapsody

On a more positive note, Bohemian Rhapsody brings us a part of the Queen story, with Rami Malek playing Freddie Mercury. The film launches on November 2nd, but here’s a preview of what you can expect.


Boy Erased

Starring Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Joel Edgerton (who also co-pens the script and directs), and Russell Crowe, Boy Erased is a real-life story about a Baptist preacher’s boy forced to attend a gay-conversion program. It also lands on November 2nd, and it just made my list of to-see films this year.


Elizabeth Harvest

What do you do when you’re what looks like a trophy wife, and you’re told that everything in the house you live in is yours to enjoy except for whatever lies hidden in one of the rooms? You go in of course. No idea what’s in that room, but it’s certainly frightening. Elizabeth Harvest hits theaters and VOD on August 10th.



The first trailer for Glass is finally here, thanks to Comic-Con. Glass is the third part in a series of M. Night-Shyamalan movies, after Unbreakable and Split. The third film is focused on one of the characters, Glass. Fans of the series will certainly know what the movie is about. If you haven’t seen the films, then you have plenty of time to catch up until January.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I have no idea what to make of this Godzilla 2 teaser. I can tell you that it’s got Millie Bobby Brown in it, of Stranger Things fame, and that something very dangerous is out there. This time around, Brown doesn’t play a girl with superpowers, so we’ll just have to wait for a full trailer to understand what’s in store for us in King of the Monsters. The movie launches next May.


I Still See You

Something happened nine years ago, an apocalyptic event that killed millions of people. But somehow, their ghosts were left behind.


On the Basis of Sex

Don’t be fooled, On the Basis of Sex isn’t the kind of sex story you expect. No. This is the true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and all her struggles on her way to a US Supreme Court Justice seat. The film launches on December 20th.



Operation Overlord is what you call the planned Allied invasion of France, the one where you hope you can open a new front against Nazi Germany to put a faster end to World War II. The trailer for Overlord looks like a movie based on that, but this isn’t a historical movie. Not at all. It’ some horror adventure taking place behind enemy lines on D-Day, and it’s coming to the big screen on October 26th. Yes, it’s with zombies.


Patient Zero

Speaking of medical experiments, diseases and zombies, let’s check out Patient Zero. It’s about a condition that turns humans suffering from a zombie-like condition. These zombies, it turns out, speak a certain language, that only one healthy human can understand. Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci, and Matt Smith star in this story, due August 14th.


Robin Hood

Enough with the Robin Hood movies, okay? Wait, no, enough with the Spider-Man movies that aren’t part of the Marvel universe. Robin Hood is cool. And we have a brand new type of story, one where Robin Hood isn’t exactly the Kevin Costner-type of a romantic hero. It’s more the kind of Russel Crowe-type of Robin Hood. But younger. And more thieving than usual.


Second Act

Finally, a comedy in today’s trailer roundup! That’s what the Second Act is. It’s also a Jennifer Lopez comedy you’d expect to see like 10 or 20 years ago.


The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds comes from the producers of Strangers Things and Arrival. So yes, it’s a horror story. We’ve got a world that fears everyone under 18, so teens must be imprisoned. But where there’s imprisonment, there will be resistance. The film is out on August 3rd.


Welcome to Marwen

Based on a true story, Welcome to Marwen is also a comedy, more or less, starring Steve Carell. It’s a complicated story about survival and recovery. Oh, and Carell is joined by a stellar cast, including Leslie Mann, Diana Kruger, Gwendoline Christie. The movie premieres on November 21st.


This first ‘Better Call Saul’ season 4 trailer is a dark, twisted, menacing thing of beauty

“Do you know why God made snakes before he made lawyers?” cracks Jimmy McGill in the season four trailer for Better Call Saul, the new season of which apparently will move us a lot closer to the events of Breaking Bad.

“He needed the practice.”

San Diego Comic Con has given us a ton of Better Call Saul news to tide us over until the new season premieres August 6 on AMC. For starters, a trailer that shows Jimmy, shady and ever-scheming in the wake of his estranged brother Chuck’s death. The reappearance of menacing drug boss Gus Fring. Mike Ehrmantraut moving closer to his life as an enforcer.


One of the biggest question marks still bedeviling fans — when, oh when, will Jimmy finally break bad and turn into the Saul Goodman we know and love? Some of the early commentary out about season four suggests he’s getting there, but that there are at least a couple more seasons left before Jimmy’s descent into the heart of darkness is complete. But dark — that’s the word everybody keeps using about this new season, about Jimmy’s storyline, specifically.

From an AMC preview press release: “In Better Call Saul‘s fourth season, Chuck’s death catalyzes Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman. In the wake of his loss, Jimmy takes steps into the criminal world that will put his future as a lawyer — and his relationship with Kim — in jeopardy. Chuck’s death deeply affects former colleagues Howard and Kim as well, putting the two of them once again on opposite sides of a battle sparked by the Brothers McGill.”

Also among the lingering questions, per Thrillist: Chuck took a $9 million payout to leave HHM. What happens to that money? Is that the cash that seeds his new life as Saul Goodman?

Creator Vince Gilligan, during an AMC event in New York, described where things are at this way. “On the Venn diagram of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, the overlap in the center is getting bigger and bigger.” Thrillist also details the introduction of “Lalo,” a Breaking Bad character who we never saw on camera, in season four of Better Call Saul.

Rest assured folks. Things are moving closer to Walter White and all the bad things that go with him. And as if that wasn’t enough — Gilligan has confirmed in at least one interview that Walter himself will likely appear in Better Call Saul at some point. Not season four, though, unfortunately.

The new season will premier at 9 p.m. eastern and air on Mondays through October 8.

Benedict Cumberbatch is thrilled about how ‘Infinity War’ sets up ‘Avengers 4’

We’ve had three Marvel movies this year, which means we have plenty of waiting to do until the next one — that’s Captain Marvel on March 8th, in case you were wondering. But thanks to the monster hit that Infinity War was, and thanks to its massive cliffhanger, there’s plenty of Avengers 4 talk in the air.

It sure helps that Ant-Man and the Wasp just premiered and that Marvel recently confirmed the official name for the next Spider-Man movie. Because that’s how we got more evidence that the deaths in Avengers: Infinity War are destined to be undone when the sequel lands next May.

Moreover, digging through past interviews with Marvel execs and cast members brings up plenty of information about the future of the Avengers franchise that can be viewed in a totally different light now that we’ve all seen the 2018 Marvel movies.

Just earlier this week we came across an older interview with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland that revealed a massive part of the plot line for Avengers 4. The two actors talked about their roles while promoting Infinity War, with Holland revealing a detail that maybe he should have kept secret.

An even older interview with Marvel execs during the promotion of Spider-Man: Homecoming told us that Spider-Man: Far From Home will begin minutes after Avengers 4 ends. That means Spider-Man isn’t as dead as you may have thought. Similarly, an in-depth interview with Marvel president Kevin Feige from late April revealed that some of the decisions in the new Avengers movies will be final. That means that, yes, some superheroes will stay dead.

Which brings us to an interview with Cumberbatch last week. The actor talked to The Star at length about his Patrick Melrose role, but he was also asked about the new Avengers films.

“Obviously, you’re not going to tell me anything about how The Avengers ends,” the reporter said. “Can you at least tell me this: Were you surprised by how the last movie ended? The cliffhanger generated quite a bit of discussion.”

“I was thrilled,” the actor replied. “Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled and thrilled with the pitch for the second film. And thrilled by the ingenuity of the whole thing. And to be in an audience and experience that was something else. I’ve been part of Sherlock, with a very famous cliffhanger. It’s a very brave thing for movies that are that big, bold and colorful.”

Of course Cumberbatch is thrilled. He seems to love his Doctor Strange role. He did say in an early June Deadline interview that he intends to make more Marvel movies in spite of what had just happened in Infinity War.

“Oh, Strange? Just try to stop me,” he said, when asked whether he’ll reprise the role. “That’s all kind of lined up as far as I’m aware, but who knows? I mean, you know, the problem is, how does he get out of where he’s at. But that’s the only thing. I’m bits of dust at the moment as far as I understand. So you really have to ask (Marvel Studios president) Kevin Feige. But as far as wanting to do it, yeah, I would love to go back into that role.”

We know that a Doctor Strange 2 is already in the works, and we know he’s vital to beating Thanos in Avengers 4. In fact, Doctor Strange is the only superhero that knows how to defeat Thanos. Dying in Infinity War is just a way to make that happen. That said, the actor didn’t reveal any other details about the Avengers 4 plot, so we’re back to waiting for more spoilers. Avengers 4 will hit theaters on May 3rd.

DC Universe streaming service price revealed, first ‘Titans’ trailer shared

Piece by piece, we’re learning everything there is to know about DC’s upcoming streaming service. On Thursday at Comic-Con in San Diego, the comic book studio announced that DC Universe will cost $7.99 a month, or $74.99 for an annual subscription. You can preorder an annual subscription right now on DCUniverse.com, which will net you a bonus of three free months. Plus, from July 19th to July 22nd, everyone who preorders is entered into an Aquaman premiere sweepstakes. Winners will receive two tickets to the US premiere of the movie in December.

Finally, if you happen to be attending Comic-Con this weekend, you can go by DC booth #1915 on the show floor and pick up an exclusive collectible t-shirt if you preorder a year of DC Universe. Annual memberships will go live this fall when the service launches, at which point monthly subscriptions will become available.

We learned late last month that DC Universe will be more than just a DC-centric Netflix-like streaming service. Rather, the digital subscription service will give users access to new original movies and series as well as classic DC content, a curated selection of comics, breaking news, an encyclopedia and exclusive merchandise.

In addition to the show and movies that have already been confirmed for the service, DC also announced that Batman Beyond (1999), the animated Justice League series (2001-04) and Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008-11) will all join the lineup as well. Plus, we got our first look at the gritty, live-action Titans in action:


DC has still yet to announce a specific release date for the DC Universe subscription service, but we know it’ll be out this fall. Titans is just one of many original series (live-action and animated) that will debut on the service.

‘Avengers 4’ to resurrect one ‘Infinity War’ hero who doesn’t like to stay dead

We still have more than nine months to go until Avengers 4 launches, but that doesn’t mean we lack Avengers action right now. We saw one more Marvel movie since Thanos killed off half the world’s population in Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp helped us better understand why Scott Lang wasn’t able to help the Avengers face Thanos.

The second Ant-Man movie also hinted that the dead characters will be resurrected, and we’ve had plenty of other evidence that suggests death isn’t permanent after Infinity War. In fact, we now have proof that a fan-theory might be accurate, and Ant-Man might be a crucial piece of the puzzle. A different report, meanwhile, suggests the Avengers character that refuses to die might also come back to delight us in Avengers 4.

Yes, it’s Loki, who died very early in Infinity War in what represented a somewhat heroic ending for a character that moved back and forth from villain to supporting cast member of the Avengers team. He’s not an Avenger, per se, but he’s related to one of the core heroes, so that’s good enough for us.

As much as it’d pain me to see heroes die, Loki was on my list of characters that should remain dead after even after the next confrontation with Thanos. Because not everybody should be resurrected. Avengers 4 shouldn’t end like that, and it probably won’t.

But a Redditor thinks that Loki didn’t even die at the beginning of Infinity War. Being the rascal magician that he is, he supposedly faked the entire thing, and he’s in hiding somewhere:

I’m not sure if anyone else has posted this already, but this is one of the most convincing theories I’ve found surrounding Loki’s “death.”

Loki is right-handed. If you look, in movies since the Thor 1 to Avengers 1 to Ragnarok, he wields with his right hand. He holds weapons with his right and the scepter in Avengers with his right.

There are two occasions he uses his left hand (that I’ve found). One, when he fakes his own death in Dark World. You can find him holding the dagger with his left hand during the entire scene. Two, when he stabs Thanos.

So, Loki’s illusion uses his left hand because he’s a mirrored version? The Loki that was killed [at] the beginning of [Infinity War] was an illusion, and he’s still out there, maybe disguised or just in hiding.

This does make sense, given what Marvel did with Loki so far, but it’s just a fan theory. What appears to be clear is that Loki will make an appearance in Avengers 4. And that’s because Tom Hiddleston was spotted on the set:


This doesn’t necessarily mean he was alive the whole time. If there’s going to be time travel in Avengers 4, then Loki might be just one of the characters that the other Avengers meet along the way.