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Police decrypt 258,000 messages after breaking pricey IronChat crypto app

Weakness allowed cops to monitor encrypted messages for some time.

Apple to Australia: “This is no time to weaken encryption”

Apple underscores that access for only good guys is “a false premise.”

Apple Criticizes Proposed Anti-Encryption Legislation in Australia

The Australian government is considering a bill that would require tech companies like Apple to provide “critical assistance” to government agencies who are investigating crimes.

According to the Australian government, encryption is problematic beca…

New Zealand Customs now might force you to open up your phone—or pay up

New law requires customs officials to have “reasonable cause” to force you to open it.

Apple Opposes Australian Encryption Law Due to Fears Other Countries Could Play Follow the Leader

Apple has joined three other tech giants in opposing a proposed new Australian law that would force tech firms to provide access to encrypted user data. Read More…