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iOS 12 lets developers create extensions for reporting unwanted texts and calls as spam

iOS 10 included a CallKit framework that brought a system-wide way for customers to use specialized apps on their iPhone, like Hiya and TrueCaller, that automatically identify and block nuisance calls before the phone even rings. With iOS 12, Apple started allowing…

Tihmstar drops a developer jailbreak for Series 3 Apple Watches running watchOS 4.1

A new developer-only jailbreak for Series 3 Apple Watches running watchOS 4.1 is now available.

Design resources now available for Apple developers for Photoshop and Sketch

Apple has launched new design resources for developers for Mac and Apple Watch. This includes AppKit UI elements for designing Mac apps like Photoshop.

Trism 2 drops on App Store’s tenth anniversary, is a return to form in iPhone gaming

Trism, an iPhone puzzle game that was among the first 500 apps when the original App Store launched back in 2008, made the news for being a rags to riches story. Coinciding with App Store’s tenth anniversary, Trism 2 launched today.

WWDC 2018 session videos are now searchable

Thanks to these handy video transcripts, anyone can now search specific content within each WWDC 2018 session video, as well as download any video, go straight to the time your search term was mentioned and more.