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Apple invites developers to get their Mac apps notarized for Mojave’s improved Gatekeeper

macOS Mojave has several features that tighten security, including an improved Gatekeeper feature that enforces code signing and verifies downloaded apps before allowing them to run. Today, Apple issued a reminder to developers to get their Mac software notarized so…

8 Things to Do Before You Publish an App to the App Store

There is really no single formula to follow when it comes to launching and publishing an app. Depending on the kind of work your app does, certain measures can either be great or bad. Before publishing an app though, there are some basic things that cut across the market. You should address these issues in […]

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The first beta of iOS 12.1 brings eSIM support, here’s how it’ll work

iOS 12.1 includes support for eSIM on the new iPhones, but you’ll need to wait until your carrier flips it on before being able to enjoy the benefits of dual-SIM functionality, like using two different plans and phone numbers at the same time, or keeping your phone line while using a local data plan when traveling.

Developers can now offer TestFlight public invite links for beta software testing

Developers can now offer a public invite URL for outside users to test their unreleased beta software. The new testing option is rolling out now.

Everything to know about the new, rich Apple Watch complications on Series 4

Apple’s new watch brings a pair of faces specifically designed for the new complication families. Learn about the engaging, full-color complication on Series 4 and how they take full advantage of the new, rounder, fifteen percent larger display.