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Microsoft wants Azure to be the multiplayer server solution for every platform

PlayFab’s Multiplayer Server service means that every developer can handle the crushing load of a big hit.

Free Flickr accounts slashed to 1,000 pictures; the rest will be deleted

Flickr’s new owners realize that giving away free storage isn’t a great business model.

Backing up your 512GB iPhone to iCloud could cost you up to ten bucks per month

If you’re thinking about backing up the content of your 512GB iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max to iCloud, you will probably need to opt for Apple’s $9.99 per month storage option.

Microsoft Whiteboard is coming to iPhone

The cloud-based software, which has been available for Windows 10 users for some time, was designed to permit iOS customers to “ideate, create and collaborate visually.”

Windows Virtual Desktop gives you a Windows 7 or 10 desktop on Azure

No additional licensing needed for customers with E3 subscriptions.