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Security experts from Google, Facebook, Crowdstrike want to save US elections

“Defending Digital Democracy” will “generate innovative ideas” to safeguard democracy.

“Pizzagate” conspiracy theory prompts gunman to “self-investigate” pizza parlor

Restaurant owner has received hundreds of death threats over a fake news theme.

“Trek against Trump” urges voters to choose Hillary Clinton

Riker, Dax, LaForge, Data, Janeway, Sulu, and even Wesley Crusher are against Trump.

Hacker Guccifer, who exposed Clinton’s use of private e-mail, gets 52 months

Feds wanted harsh term to underscore that hacking is not “a crime to be celebrated.”

Rage mounts against pharma corp. that jacked cost of life-saving EpiPen by 400%

Even infamous Martin Shkreli called price-hiking drug makers “vultures.”