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Target & Toms Launched A New Collection For Apple Products

If you’re constantly using your Apple Watch and iPhone but always thought they could use a bit more style, then you’re in luck, because Target and Toms have just partnered together to make an exclusive collection for the Apple Watch and the iPhone 7-8, that include nine different colors and patterns for you to pick from.

Target and Toms made two collections, one is called the “Utility” and is said to have a classic look designed for travel and adventure, made with durable grossgrain, stainless steel and leather detailing. And the other collection is called “Wanderlust” which was inspired by Toms founder Blake Mycoskie’s friendship bracelet collection, that has a woven fabric and a leather backing with stainless steel detailing as well.

This collaboration is said to also be for a good cause, since every watch band sold, Toms, Solar Sister and Solar Aid will provide one year of solar light, to ensure that individuals have access to safe, reliable light sources in areas that may be less fortunate. So this way, every time you buy something from their collection you’re giving back to somebody that may not have proper lighting in their home or lighting at all.

“We love the idea of incorporating giving into a product you use on a daily basis.” Mycoskie said, “With our new Toms for Apple Watch band, we will not only help provide light, but we will be positively impacting education, economic opportunity, health and safety for so many people who desperately need it.”

So if you’re interested in supporting the collection and trying out one of their bands or cases, then you can always check out Target’s official website where they’re currently selling them for around $49-$75 depending on the band or case.

Source: Refinary 29, Fashion Network

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Protect Your iPad With Otterbox’s New Symmetry Clear Case

Protect your iPad no matter what, with OtterBox’s Symmetry slim clear case, that was designed to hold together even if your drop or bump your device.

Otterbox was awarded as the #1 trusted brand in cell phone/tablet case protection, and has specially tested its products over 24 times in 238 + hours, to make sure your device stays intact. Otterbox also made sure that even though it’s very protective, it still remains ultra sleek and slim, and doesn’t get rid of the silhouette or logo of your iPad, since its material is thin, sturdy but see through.

Another cool thing about it, is that it also comes with an Apple Pencil holder and a detachable spine to attach to a smart keyboard or a smart cover. Meaning if you wanted to use it as a laptop you could, or if you wanted to put extra protection on it you could, since it was designed to go on different devices for more versatility.

The new Symmetry Series clear case is currently available at Otterbox’s official website, and is currently going for $89.95 with free shipping and handling, for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch.

Source: Otterbox

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Gray Introduces A New Lineup Of Cases For The iPhone 7-X

A Singapore based luxury brand, named GRAY, just introduced a new case collection called Advent, that is said to be one of the most expensive lineups in the world, with a few case colors that cost more than the iPhone X itself.

Each case was crafted from a solid block of aerospace grade titanium, and was machined into a signature aesthetic, with a series of multi-faceted lines that draw inspiration from supercars. The cases are sleek, futuristic and claim to be very comfortable and easy to hold, even with their unique cut-out design.

Surrounding the Advent cases are a protective TPE material that serves as a layer of shock absorbance between the titanium bumper and the iPhone, making the cases 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel, yet only half of stainless steel’s weight. Meaning you’ll never have to worry about your iPhone breaking or cracking if you drop it, nor it being too weighty inside of the case, since it was designed to be tough yet lightweight.

The new Advent collection is currently available for pre-orders with a price point that ranges from $645-$1,295, depending on the variety of colors you pick for the case, which come in titanium, stealth, gold, rose gold, or advent aurora for the iPhone 7-X.

source: HighsNobility, Grey

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Jog, Run Or Exercise With The New TuneBand For The iPhone

Taking your iPhone for a run can be tricky, considering that it could easily fall out of your pocket while you’re running, and possibly crack or break. Which is why the new TuneBand would be the perfect choice if you love running or jogging, since it won’t fall out whenever you move, nor get blocked from any kind of notifications due to its open and convenient design.

The arm band was set up where you can adjust it on your arm to 12″ through 19″, and place your iPhone in the included silicone case, where you can easily clip and attach it right in the middle of the arm strap. It’s practical, easy and different from most jogging bands for smartphones, since it has a convenient two-piece design that’s easy to assemble together when you’re about to go outside.

The TuneBand also includes two screen protector covers for the front of your phone, so if you want extra protection when you’re running or jogging, you can easily apply it on the screen of your phone, so no scuffs or dust can get on it. And, due to this band coming with an open face design, you can easily turn the band around to your view, or take out your iPhone when you need to make a call or view a notification, since it’s super accessible.

So if you happen to like to exercise or run a lot, and are looking for a new arm band to put your iPhone in, then you can always check out, where they’re currently selling this band for $21.99 in four color choices of black, blue, pink or glow in the dark.

Source: Stuff TV, Amazon

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Check Out Spigen’s New Crystal Wallet Case For The iPhone X

If you’re looking for an iPhone case that’s stylish, practical yet can protect your iPhone at the same time, then Spigen’s new Crystal Wallet case for the iPhone X would be perfect for you, since it does all that and more.

With the Crystal Wallet case you can easily slip in and store 2 credit cards in your iPhone, due to the case having a middle slot that can easily slide open or close in the back. Making it perfect for if you’re out and about making errands and don’t want to bring a big bag or purse with you, since you can just put your credit card or your ID inside the case.

This case also comes with a dual-layered structure that consist of a flexible and hard, yet shock-absorbing body, that helps protect your iPhone against any type of harmful accidents that could possibly damage it. It also has a really fit and snug design that will shape and conform to your iPhone as well, while also providing cutouts all around it, so you can easily access any ports or buttons that you need to use on your device.

Spigen’s new Crystal Wallet case for the iPhone X isn’t officially out just yet, but if you’re interested in it and plan to purchase it soon, you can always check out Spigen’s official website to learn more about it.

Source: Spigen

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