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Young Americans will be the death of cable TV

Cable TV alternatives best streaming services 2017

The best data we have suggests that cord-cutting -- ditching cable TV for streaming services -- is happening faster than anyone foresaw. But in case you were uncertain about cable TV's future demise, more research is here from the Pew Research Center to really stick the knife in.

A new survey suggests that young American adults, aged 18-29, are disproportionally using streaming services rather than cable TV to watch programs. Even if older generations are keeping cable TV alive for now, the writing's on the wall.

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Cord-cutting is happening faster than anyone predicted

Cable TV alternatives with DVR

Cable companies are terrified by the onset of "cord-cutting," the term that analysts have attached to the trend of young people not wanting to fork over $120 a month for a mostly-useless cable TV package. Cord-cutting has the potential to completely change the way we watch content, by cutting out the middleman and having a more direct path from production directly into our brains, destroying a multi-billion-dollar industry in the process.

If you're the exec of a cable company and that sounds like bad news, it's about to get worse. A new report by eMarketer shows that ad revenue on traditional TV is down compared to last year, and the number of people expected to cut the cord in 2017 is up to 22 million. Yikes.

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Comcast puts YouTube in its TV boxes to entice would-be cord-cutters

Enlarge (credit: Comcast)

Comcast on Tuesday said that it has started integrating YouTube into its X1 set-top boxes across the US. The two companies first announced the partnership this past February.

Much like the deal Comcast struck with Netflix last year, the move will see the YouTube app sit in the X1’s home screen, allowing subscribers to put the popular video service on their TV without switching to a third-party device like a Roku or Apple TV.

Comcast says it will also plant a handful of YouTube videos in its on-demand video section as well. Clips in the “Music” section of the on-demand menu, for instance, might feature music videos from the YouTube app.

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New study shows why cable TV is actually doomed

Best cable TV alternative

Streaming services are trying to make cable TV redundant, and they're having some success. We already knew that much; the only question left is how long the change is going to take, and what pay TV will look like when we come back out the other side.

A new survey on streaming TV packages sheds some light on what's happening in the pay TV industry. Although cable TV has remained remarkably resilient for an expensive product that everyone seems to hate, cheap streaming services are gaining ground.

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Cable TV companies can charge higher prices thanks to new court ruling

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | KLH49)

The cable TV industry has won a big victory against rate regulation via a court decision that will make it harder for cities and towns to impose price controls on pay-TV service.

Today's ruling from the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a June 2015 decision by the Federal Communications Commission that helped cable companies avoid local rate regulation. The FCC, under then-Chairman Tom Wheeler, ruled that cable TV providers face "effective competition" nationwide, mainly because of the widespread availability of satellite TV service from DirecTV and Dish.

Local franchise authorities are allowed to regulate the rates cable TV providers charge for basic cable services and equipment if the local cable company does not face "effective competition." Before the June 2015 FCC vote, the burden of proof was on cable companies to show that they faced effective competition. The Wheeler FCC's decision shifted the burden of proof to local authorities by adopting a "rebuttable presumption" that cable operators face effective competition.

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