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The math of why it’s so hard to build a spherical Death Star in space

In his book Math With Bad Drawings, Ben Orlin connects abstract math with reality.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ controversial memoir that makes Steve look awful is out today

“Small Fry” looks at the final days of Steve’s life and what it was like to grow up around a famous father who could be cold and uncaring at one minute but warm and insightful the next.

New book “Creative Selection” offers an inside account of Apple’s design and creative process during the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

A former Apple engineer tells what it was like to work at the company during its Golden Age of Steve Jobs.

New York Public Library begins offering free Insta Novels through Instagram

The New York Public Library (NYPL) is adding free so-called “Insta Novels” to its Instagram account, which feature classic novels and short stories.

A realistic look at AI in science fiction

Video: Author Robin Sloan tells us how machine learning crept into his novels.