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Samsung unveils Note 9: 4,000mAh battery, 6.4″ screen, S Pen with Bluetooth control, more

The rumors were right: the new Note doesn’t look too dissimilar from its predecessor. It brings a stronger battery, incremental camera improvements, more storage, a Bluetooth-enabled stylus and other perks.

Decade-old Bluetooth flaw lets hackers steal data passing between devices

Serious error in the wireless protocol also lets hackers tamper with data.

Bluetooth Security Vulnerability Discovered, but Apple’s Fix is Already in Place

A newly discovered Bluetooth vulnerability that was published this week by Intel has the potential to allow a nearby hacker to gain unauthorized access to a device, intercepting traffic and sending forged pairing messages between two vulnerable Bluetoo…

How to rename paired Bluetooth devices on jailbroken iOS

One function that iOS unfortunately lacks is the ability to rename paired third-party Bluetooth devices. Luckily, with a jailbreak and this guide, it’s possible.

How to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad

If you just bought a new Bluetooth keyboard to use with your iPad, setting it up is easy. Here’s how to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with iPad.