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ANZ Eftpos Access Cards Now Support Apple Pay in Australia

Eftpos, a debit payments network in Australia, today announced that ANZ eftpos Access cards now feature support for Apple Pay.

ANZ is the first bank in Australia to make in-store eftpos mobile payments available to 1.6 million ANZ eftpos Access cardholders through Apple Pay.

Visa, American Express, and MasterCard credit and debit cards issued in Australia by participating banks already supported Apple Pay, but the addition of eftpos is notable as it's widely used in the country.
"Today marks a significant milestone for eftpos as we move from our traditional card based payment method into mobile, enabling consumers with an iPhone or Apple Watch to choose the eftpos account they wish their mobile payment to be made from, being either their eftpos CHQ/SAV account. Customers can set their account preference out of CHQ/SAV and then save themselves entering their account each time they pay. After providing trusted, secure card-based payments for 30 years, eftpos can now also be used to make mobile payments," Mr Jennings said.

"About 1.6 million ANZ eftpos Access cardholders now have the opportunity to make payments on an iPhone or Apple Watch, many of whom may not have had the opportunity to make in store mobile payments before. As Australia's most used debit card network, we are thrilled to be providing ANZ eftpos Access customers with more payment choice, with added benefits of enhanced security and comfort."
As Business Insider points out, support for eftpos reduces fees for both customers and retailers compared to other payment methods.

Support for eftpos is now listed on Apple's Australian Apple Pay website and Apple Pay is available to ANZ Access card customers in Australia immediately.

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Cats are killing everything in Australia, and nobody knows what to do

australia cats

Everyone knows that Australia is absolutely packed with strange, wild creatures that could kill you at a moment's notice, but if you're a bird your number one enemy is still a familiar one: cats. According to a new study, both domestic and feral cats are on a murder spree in Australia, killing as many as one million birds every single day, and it's actually becoming a problem.

The researcher, which was published in the journal Biological Conversation, suggests that wild cats in Australia nab 316 million birds every single year, while domesticated pet cats add another 61 million to that tally. It's a huge figure, and the scientists now believe that it could be a serious problem for bird species.

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Mysterious flesh-eating bacteria is raging in Australia

Enlarge / A beach on Mornington Peninsula, a hotbed for the mysterious disease. (credit: Fir0002)

In the last year, cases of a ghastly but mysterious flesh-eating bacterial infection have more than doubled in Victoria, Australia, raising alarm among health experts.

There were 239 cases of the flesh-eating infections in the past 12 months, according to figures (PDF) released this week by health authorities. In 2016, there were only 102 reported cases, while 2015 and 2014 tallied just 58 and 47. And the rate of new infections is currently skyrocketing: in the past few months, case counts hit nine per week, according to Australia’s Nine News. The number of severe cases has also doubled.

While the rises alone are enough to worry health experts, the fact that virtually nothing is known about the cause of the infection has some dismayed.

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Apple Rolls the TV app Out in Australia & Canada Just Ahead of iOS 11 & tvOS 11 Release

Australian and Canadian iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV users now have access to Apple’s TV app on their devices, just ahead of the Cupertino company’s iOS 11 and tvOS 11 updates, due to rollout on Tuesday.

Apple Rolls the TV app Out in Australia & Canada Just Ahead of iOS 11 & tvOS 11 Release

The app will rollout to seven additional countries later this fall. Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the UK will get the TV app by the end of 2017.


Apple TV owners running the latest tvOS software in Australia and Canada discovered the TV app, or at least its icon, on their home screen earlier today and took to Twitter to note the the change. On fourth-generation Apple TV units, the TV app seems to be a placeholder instead of a functional app, but its presence hints at an imminent release likely timed to coincide with tomorrow’s iOS 11 and tvOS 11 launch.

In addition, a few iOS 11 beta testers with access to Apple’s GM seed saw TV go live on iPhone, but not yet iPad, reports iPhone in Canada. Currently, the TV app only installs and appears on iOS when a device is connected to a cellular network. The app reverts back to the legacy Videos title when on Wi-Fi.

Support appears to initially be limited to the CraveTV, Treehouse, CBC TV, City TV, ICI, FXNOW, MUBI, Hopster and CuriosityStream apps, although more channels are expected to soon join the fun.

Apple’s TV app acts as a central hub for content on the Apple TV, allowing users to browse, manage and discover streaming content from various channels in one central location.

Apple’s ‘TV’ App Showing Up for Canadian and Australian Users Ahead of iOS 11 and tvOS 11 Launch

Ahead of tomorrow's launch of iOS 11 and tvOS 11, the "TV" app has begun showing up for some Canadian and Australian users on iOS devices and the fourth-generation Apple TV.

While the TV app appears to be rolling to users in Canada and Australia starting tonight, it is not yet available for all users, nor is it functional. MacRumors reader John, who is from Australia, said the TV app has shown up on his fourth-generation Apple TV but isn't loading content as of yet.

Apple last Tuesday announced that the TV app would expand to Australia and Canada "later this month," but did not specify exactly when it would be released. Presumably, the app will become functional tomorrow after iOS 11 and tvOS 11 become available to the public.

The TV app, which has been available in the United States since December of 2016, is designed to provide a centralized way to access all of the different television channels and content available through dedicated apps from major networks like HBO, CBS, NBC, FOX, and more.

The TV app allows users to play TV shows and movies with a single click, and it syncs content across devices so it's always possible to pick up a TV show or movie being watched on one device on another device. Apple has also introduced content recommendations to help users discover new TV shows and movies to watch.

More than 60 services are supported by the TV app, but with the expansion to new countries, Apple plans to add support for additional local content

Later this year, Apple plans to expand the TV app to France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and the UK.

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