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AR-powered MekaMon gaming robot now available at Apple Stores

Bristol-based startup Reach Robotics has caught Apple’s eye with its iPhone-connected mechanical spider that is capable of carrying out augmented reality warfare.... Read the rest of this post here

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Apple’s AR glasses will come ‘no later than 2019,’ major supplier says

Apple AR glasses release date, rumors vs Google Glass

If you've been following Apple rumors for a while, chances are you're already bored of hearing about the Apple Glasses. Speculation that Apple is working on some kind of AR headset has been rampant ever since the first Google Glass ever came out, and just like the mythical Apple HDTV, the rumors have refused to die.

But compared to other Apple concept products, there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that a set of AR glasses are in the works. Apple CEO Tim Cook has talked at length about how he believes AR is the future; Apple's already built augmented reality into its newest iPhones; and most importantly, suppliers just can't stop talking about it.

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Apple’s “headset-like” AR device apparently coming no later than 2019

Apple is thought to work on some kind of an augmented reality headset accessory and now a high-ranking official with one of Apple’s key Taiwanese suppliers claims that the rumored device will be coming no later than the year 2019.... Read the rest of this post here

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Apple plans to add a 3D sensor to the back of the iPhone, too

Enlarge (credit: Samuel Axon)

The iPhone X's front-facing TrueDepth sensor array could be used for more than just Face ID authentication, and it fits neatly into Apple's broader march into augmented reality on the iPhone, but the iPhone X's rear camera still uses a combination of motion sensors and two rear cameras for AR. That could change in next year's iPhone; sources cited by Bloomberg claim that Apple plans to add 3D camera technology to the rear of next year's iPhone in addition to the TrueDepth array already on the iPhone X's front.

The rear camera might not use the same technology as the TrueDepth sensor array used for Face ID on the front of the iPhone X, however. Rather, the rear array might use time-of-light sensors, which would map objects in 3D space by calculating how long it takes for light from its laser to bounce off of an object in its field of view. Bloomberg's sources say that adoption of this technology is not certain, but it seems to be what Apple is testing right now. The technology is in development at Sony, Panasonic, Infineon Technologies, and STMicroelectronics.

In the iPhone X, Apple aligned the telephoto and wide-angle lens cameras on the back vertically (instead of horizontally, as on the iPhone 8 Plus) to make augmented reality applications more effective. But without a more advanced way to read and track 3D space, AR apps will remain limited. Unlike more robust hardware like Microsoft's HoloLens, the current iPhones' rear cameras can't deal well with surfaces that aren't flat. They can't even track when an object is obstructing the camera's view; current iPhone AR apps place an object in space relative to the flat surface but can't partially obscure it behind a real-world obstacle, for example.

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Windows Mixed Reality headsets get SteamVR games and apps November 15

Enlarge / An array of Windows MIxed Reality headsets. (credit: Microsoft)

As promised back in August, all owners of Windows Mixed Reality headsets who are running Windows 10 will be able to run much of SteamVR's library of VR software.

This is an expansion of the SteamVR preview program for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which was previously open to developers but will open up to all users on November 15. Interested users will be able to navigate from Microsoft's VR hub to Valve's and select from SteamVR software there.

SteamVR is best known for games like EVE Valkyrie and Project Cars, but several apps are available too. For example, Virtual Desktop allows you to use your computer's desktop in a VR space, and Google's Tilt Brush is a VR painting experience. This preview program is a beta test, so not every app or game is expected to work perfectly right now.

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