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Review: Sonos One pairs hi-fi audio with Amazon’s Alexa for voice-controlled music

Sonos One, the latest Sonos wireless speaker, matches the hi-fi audio of its predecessor, the Play:1, while adding a six far-field microphone array for built-in voice control using Amazon Alexa. All for the same $199 price.

Using a wireless speaker with a built-in voice assistant and high quality audio can be very natural and fun. Just say what you want to hear and Sonos One serves it up. What’s less simple is navigating through which music services work and with what method. There’s also the upcoming arrival of Apple’s HomePod which similarly promises to match hi-fi audio with an intelligent voice assistant.

So while Sonos One is a very impressive piece of technology on its own, there are a few things to consider first.


Qualcomm CEO expects to resolve differences w/ Apple, but there’s no end in sight

Apple and Qualcomm are currently engaged in a well-publicized and increasingly bitter legal battle over patents and licensing, but Qualomm is still hopeful things will work themselves out. Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s D.Live conference, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf touted that Qualcomm has a “long history” of settling issues like the Apple one…


Facebook Live adds new screen sharing option built directly into website

Facebook today has updated its desktop Facebook Live platform with integrated support for screen sharing, a task that previously required the use of third-party software for users. The Next Web first noted of this change with a new “Share Screen” option…


Apple Pay now works with Eftpos cards from ANZ in Australia

Apple Pay in Australia today has expanded to support Eftpos cards from ANZ Bank. The move was announced in a press release from Eftpos, while Apple has also updated the Australian version of its Apple Pay website to indicate the new support for Eftpos cards.


The iMac Pro will be the most powerful computer Apple’s ever made

iMac Pro 2017 Benchmarks

The moment Mac fans have been waiting for is approaching fast. The iMac Pro desktop, first unveiled at WWDC 2017 in June, will be the most powerful iMac ever, sporting top of the line hardware that should deliver impressive performance.

That’s something we’d expect from any new Mac — to be faster than its predecessors — but the first purported benchmarks for the iMac Pro suggest the phone will be incredibly fast.

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