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Chrome 71 will block any and all ads on sites with “abusive experiences”

Fake error messages, phishing, and other annoyances will soon be heavily penalized.

Apple’s new ad shows off “the largest display on an iPhone ever”

Apple’s new commercial, titled “Growth Spurt,” showcases its Super Retina display in two sizes, including “the largest display on an iPhone ever”.

Huawei was caught using a pro camera to fake smartphone photos (again)

An actor in the commercial accidentally revealed the trick on her Instagram.

Netflix tests running video promos between TV show episodes

Some Netflix users must now watch video promotions between episodes of their favorite shows. Will commercials be close behind?

Samsung ads mock iPhone X’s lack of a stylus, praise Note 9’s power despite slower chips

Are these ads ingenious? Barely. Are they mean-spirited or sympathetic? Depends on who you ask. Do they tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Uh-uh!