T-Mobile urges FCC to “tread lightly” on video throttling and zero-rating

T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere. (credit: T-Mobile)

A T-Mobile USA executive yesterday urged the Federal Communications Commission not to take any action against the carrier's "Binge On" program, which throttles nearly all video content and exempts certain video services from data caps.

"I think the commission has to tread lightly—and certainly more lightly than it would in the wired world—in the wireless space when there is so much experimentation happening, so much differentiation happening, and a lot of it customers responding to," T-Mobile Senior VP of Government Affairs Kathleen Ham said at an event in Washington, DC. "We do have to be transparent about it, we do have to make sure that the customer has choices, but I think it's wise to tread lightly in this environment when there's so much going on that I think customers are benefiting from."

Yesterday's event on zero-rating and net neutrality was hosted by the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute (see video here). The Hill also has a report on the panel discussion.

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