Suspect in deadly swatting case tweets swatting threat from jail

Enlarge / Swatting suspect Tyler Barriss depicted in a 2015 mug shot released by Glendale police. (credit: Glendale Police Department)

Tyler Barriss stands accused of making a fake emergency call, a crime known as "swatting," that led to the death of a Kansas man. He has been held in a Sedgewick County Jail since January. He is not supposed to have Internet access there, but on Friday the Wichita Eagle noticed Barriss tweeting.

"How am I on the Internet if I'm in jail?" Barriss wrote. "Oh, because I'm an eGod, that's how."

"All right, now who was talking shit?" he added in a tweet 19 minutes later. "Your ass is about to get swatted."

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