Surprise! Red Dead Redemption is getting a 4K patch on Xbox One X today

Enlarge / The 19 OG Xbox games coming to Xbox One by the end of April. (credit: Xbox)

While Microsoft has arguably fallen behind in some current-gen gaming console metrics, the company has taken a clear lead among the big-three systems' backwards-compatibility efforts. That's been evidenced in a regular drip-feed series of older 360 and OG Xbox games being brought forward to work on Xbox One systems, of which the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch have no peer. Honestly, these Xbox One announcements come frequently enough to not merit the spotlight treatment.

But Tuesday's announcement, which was teased a full week earlier, brought the goods with a substantial list of games newly converted to work on Xbox One—and a few Xbox One X "upgrade" surprises, to boot.

The arguable biggest news of the day is that Red Dead Redemption's Xbox 360 version has now been patched to take advantage of Xbox One X hardware. That means, like other Xbox 360 games given the X treatment, RDR will now render at nine times its original 720p resolution. Should you have a 4K TV, an Xbox One X, and a copy of RDR, you'll be able to play the game at 3840x2160 pixel resolution once its patch launches sometime today.

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