Surface Studio 2 has an even more amazing screen, ditches the spinning disks

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Enlarge (credit: Microsoft)

The original Surface Studio was one of the strangest, most eye-catching, and enjoyable-to-look-at machines we've used: a giant 28-inch touchscreen with a computer in its base. Today, Microsoft announced Surface Studio 2: the same concept, an even more beautiful screen, and a healthy improvement to the computer specs.

The first-generation Surface Studio has a 4500×3000 28-inch display. The new one retains those specs, but with big improvements to brightness (38 percent increased) and contrast (22 percent increased). To do this, Microsoft has changed the way it makes the screen by using technology first found in the mobile Surface devices. The new screen has smaller transistors controlling each pixel, meaning that more light can pass through; the new pixels also block more light when turned off. The result is that the best-looking screen in computing now looks even better. It's a rich, luscious display that will ruin you for every other screen you look at.

Driving the screen is either an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB of dedicated GDDR5 or a GTX 1070 with 8GB. This is a substantial upgrade to GTX 965M or 980M found in the first generation, with Microsoft claiming them to be 50 percent faster. Microsoft is continuing to use mobile parts in the Surface Studio, so in a sense these are "current-generation" chips; while Nvidia's desktop RTX 2080s have just hit the market their corresponding mobile chips aren't out yet.

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