Superpowers mix with office politics in The Regional Office Is Under Attack!

The Regional Office Is Under Attack! is like Die Hard meets Kill Bill, with a smattering of Charlie Kaufman and David Cronenberg. (credit: 20th Century Fox)

Action movies ain't what they used to be. Sure, computer imaging has helped Hollywood create some of the craziest action scenes you could possibly imagine, but when CGI replaces lower-tech tricks like intrigue, strong characters, and good old-fashioned explosions, what's an '80s action nostalgic to do?

Author Manuel Gonzales may have the answer with The Regional Office Is Under Attack!, which I recommend to anyone who would rather get their summer-movie fix on paper—and who hungers for that rare mix of crazy action and phenomenal character introspection.

This review contains a few spoilers, not least of which is the book's title. The Regional Office is a secret organization, disguised as a boutique travel agency, that sends an army of young women superheroes to fight the "forces of darkness," including zombies, alien invaders, and mad scientists.

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