Street Fighter V review: Definitely good, definitely unfinished

With each new Street Fighter game comes an intense amount of scrutiny from fighting-game fans who are eager to see how new characters and mechanics have shaken up world's most popular quarter-circle-motion fisticuffs series. That scrutiny only intensifies in the case of a big, fat number bump. This isn't just the "Super Ultra Turbo Chibi-Sumo Edition," this here's one louder, isn't it?

Street Fighter V will certainly have fans talking, what with its new "V-Trigger" system and other noticeable tweaks throughout its roster of old favorites, peculiar returners, and weird new brawlers. But for the first time in a new-number Street Fighter game, people will almost certainly talk more about what's missing.

Capcom has advertised this as the first, last, and only retail edition for Street Fighter V—meaning, the game will supposedly live on as a constantly updated service, complete with free balance patches, free mode updates, and not-quite-free content purchase options. What Capcom hasn't advertised is the fact that the game, as it's launching on Tuesday, is already in desperate need of those updates.

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