Star Wars: The Force Awakens full trailer debut, ticket sales begin Monday

(credit: Disney)

Is anyone else getting excited about the new Star Wars film as its release date draws ever-closer? Here at Ars we certainly are.

The series holds a central place in geek canon, and on Monday we’re getting a better look at what’s changed in that far, far away galaxy in the 30 or so years that have passed since Return of the Jedi. We get our first look at the film’s poster today, and that the full trailer will release tomorrow during Monday Night Football. What’s more, cinemas around the country will start offering tickets to the film, which releases December 17th.

New Star Wars trailers have always been a source of excitement, even when the actual films fell short. We remember abusing hefty academic Internet connections back in the late 1990s to download a first look at A Phantom Menace, and many who lacked such bandwidth instead bought tickets to movies they had no intention of seeing simply because the trailer was being screened.

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