Star Ratings System Makes a Triumphant Return to Apple Music in iOS 10.2 Beta


While it may not be time to start rejoicing right away, as things can change with beta software, but the Apple Music star ratings system that fell by the wayside in iOS 10 has made a triumphant return in the iOS 10.2 beta.

Star Ratings System Makes a Triumphant Return to Apple Music in iOS 10.2 Beta

Screenshots Credit: MacRumors


Following the release of the iOS 10.2 beta yesterday, iTunes expert Kirk McElhearn discovered that star ratings have returned to the Apple Music app on iOS, now appearing as a toggle option in Settings > Music.

Once toggled to “on,” “Show Star Ratings” will allow users to once more rate their tracks according to the familiar five-star rating system. There are a few steps you have to follow to do so though:

  1. Tap the ellipsis menu at the bottom right of the screen when a song is playing to bring up its action sheet.
  2. Scroll down to “Rate Song.”
  3. Tap the star rating.
  4. Tap “Done.”

That’s only a little more involved than the former star ratings process, which involved simply tapping on the artwork of a song to bring up the star rating menu.

Apple notes on the “Settings” screen that “Star Ratings do not affect For You recommendations,” so that means the service still only uses the like/dislike system to learn what to recommend to your delicate listener’s ear.

No word on whether Apple was swayed by the recent online petition to bring back the star rating system in Apple Music, but considering the petition only received 285 digital signatures, that is likely not the case.

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