Star Citizen maker says engine suit “never should have been filed”


Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has offered a strongly worded response to a lawsuit brought last month by CryEngine maker Crytek, saying that suit "never should have been filed" and that its "contrived claims... sacrifice legal sufficiency for loud publicity."

Crytek's lawsuit alleged that CIG broke a CryEngine licensing agreement and infringed on Crytek's copyrights by switching from CryEngine to Amazon's Lumberyard platform in late 2016. But CIG contends that Crytek's complaint selectively and misleadingly quotes from the full Game License Agreement signed by both parties.

While Crytek argued that the license agreement couldn't be extended for use in CIG's spin-off game Squadron 42, for instance, the actual license agreement CIG shared with the court says directly up front that it applies to "the game currently entitled 'Space Citizen' [sic] and its related space fighter game 'Squadron 42.'"

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