Square’s New Card & NFC Reader Now On Sale At Apple Stores

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On Wednesday, Square released a new card reader that hit the shelves of U.S. Apple stores and is expected to be available through Apple’s online retail store shortly.

Last November, Square began to roll out its latest payment reader to select merchants, however the device could only be purchased through Square’s official website. Now, the device will be sold at Apple Stores across the nation.

The device will be able to accept payments made directly from an iPhone or Apple Watch. The new card reader is aiming to help independent businesses keep up with the new mobile payment innovation.

Square’s latest card reader has been built to accept Europay, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards. In addition to accepting EMV cards, the device will be able to support Apple Pay, Android Pay, and any other contactless payment provider.

With the Apple Store now carrying the device, the Square reader may be able to expand Apple Pay to small businesses, since at the moment, Apple Pay is mostly accepted at major chains, such as Whole Foods, Best Buy and Walgreens.

The hardware can be purchased at any U.S. Apple store for $49. The company claims that the accessory can be purchased on Apple’s website, but at the time of this writing it is not yet available.

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