Spot-on analyst predicts Apple AR glasses and an Apple car within 2-5 years, but I hope he’s wrong

File this rumor under Moonshot. Oft-accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who made a name for himself by nailing features in the iPhone and iPad long before they’re set to release, had made a wild prediction for his new company, TF Securities. In a research note acquired by Business Insider, Kuo predicts Apple will release a pair of augmented reality glasses in 2020 and an Apple Car sometime between 2023 and 2025.

But this isn’t the same as Kuo’s usual predictions, which are based on supply-chain reports and sources. This one is purely speculative based on educated guesses. He says so in the report. Both may indeed come true and possibly within within the time frame Kuo says, but I’m taking them with a healthy serving of salt. And I really hope he's wrong.

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