Qualcomm displays some of its patents on a wall in its headquarters in San Diego, California. (credit: Nathan Rupert / flickr)

South Korean regulators say that Qualcomm's patent-licensing methods violate Korean unfair competition laws, and the company must pay a fine of 1.03 trillion won, or about $850 million. Qualcomm has said it will fight the massive fine in court.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission, or KFTC, held that Qualcomm refused to license certain standard-essential patents on its chips to rival chipmakers including Intel, Samsung, and MediaTek. The commission ordered Qualcomm to renegotiate those licenses in good faith, according to a Reuters report on the matter. The fine is the largest ever issued in Korea.

In its report on the Korean fineBloomberg notes that Qualcomm makes most of its profits, about $6.5 billion in its most recent year, from selling the rights to its chip technology.

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