Sorry, Apple Watch Series 3 LTE users: If you want to stop and start service it’ll cost you

Like everyone else who bought an Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular on launch day, I’ve been using LTE on the Verizon account for free. Apple struck a deal with all four major carriers to offer a three-month trial period for new users, and the carriers even sweetened the idea by waiving their activation fee, which can be as high as $30.

So I marked the date on my calendar, assuming that when my free period was up, I could stop my service and reactivate it when I wanted it, like the iPad. That’s not the case. Because Apple Watch uses NumberShare on Verizon, it’s not considered a month-to-month or prepaid device, so it’s not so easy to skip a month of service. According to the Verizon representative I spoke to, I have two options:

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