Sneak peek at The Good Place S3 is everything we love about the series

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Enlarge / Conflicted demon Michael (Ted Danson) prepares for his first visit to Earth in The Good Place Season 3. (credit: NBC/Universal)

There are still two weeks until NBC's hit sitcom The Good Place returns for its third season. But Entertainment Weekly snagged a sneak peek at the first scene of the premier episode. And we're pleased to report that the show's trademark razor-sharp witty dialogue, bad puns, and keen eye (and deep love) for the absurdities of the human condition are very much intact.

(Spoilers for first two seasons below)

The Good Place has always kept us guessing, from the pilot episode where Eleanor (Kristen Bell) realizes she's been admitted to paradise by mistake, to that shocking twist in the Season 1 finale that turned the original premise on its head.

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