Smash Bros. DLC concludes with Bayonetta, Super Mario RPG Geno costume

(credit: Nintendo)

The most recent Super Smash Bros. fighting game releases have been followed with hints that series creator Masahiro Sakurai would not return to any sequels, only to be followed years later with announcements of him working on new entries. But this time according to Sakruai-san, he means it. Whether or not his Smash retirement pans out, the 2014 version's run of DLC will conclude in February, according to a "final" presentation about the game via Nintendo Direct on Tuesday.

Previously announced surprise character Cloud Strife—yes, that Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII—launches today for $6 for either version of the game (or $7 to unlock him on both platforms). He'll be joined in February by two more currently Nintendo-exclusive characters: Corrin, an armor-clad warrior from the upcoming 3DS game Fire Emblem: Fates and Platinum Games' supernaturally charged, four-gun wielder Bayonetta (whose sequel game is still a Wii U exclusive).

In addition to a ton of footage of Bayonetta wiping the floor with the likes of Kirby and Star Fox by way of giant kicks, pistol blasts, and oversized fists from above, the presentation also saw Sakurai describing the character as the most requested DLC fighter via the game's official site "among realizable characters"—meaning, those who Nintendo could realistically afford to license and design. That didn't explain why prior fan favorites like Ice Climbers have apparently been shelved for inclusion in this version of Smash Bros. however.

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