Siri Quick Tip: Get Siri to Remind you About What You’re Viewing


While viewing a website, reading an email, or writing yourself a note on your iPhone or iPad, you may want to set a reminder about it. While you can certainly manually set a reminder in the Reminder app, it’s much easier to just ask Siri to remind you later about whatever it is you’re looking at.


While viewing a webpage, email, or other content, simply activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button, or saying “Hey Siri,” on any device you have handsfree activated on. Then, simply say:

“Remind me about this (say a day) at (say a time)”

For example, if I’m reading this excellent review:


And, I want to remind myself to buy one when I get a chance, probably at lunch tomorrow, I simply activate Siri, and say:


As you can see in the screenshot, Siri will happily set a reminder for you. She’ll also give you the opportunity to remove it if you like.

You can use this tip to set a reminder from a number of apps on your iOS device. Just another way Siri makes life easier.

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