Siri doing hard sell on Apple Music if you ask certain music-related questions


Pandora co-creator Tom Conrad discovered that Siri won’t open the pod door answer questions about the music charts if you don’t subscribe to Apple Music. When Conrad asked Siri for the most popular song in the US today, she remained tight-lipped.

Sorry, Tom, I can’t look up the music charts for you. You don’t seem to be subscribed to Apple Music


Business Insider report that other non-subscribers get the same result. Here in the UK, at least, Siri can’t answer the question directly anyway: when I ask, Siri simply does a web search, with the Billboard Hot 100 as the first hit. (It’s The Hills by The Weeknd, if you’re curious.)

The hard sell seems a little un-Apple-like to me, especially as the service doesn’t appear to need much help, having reached 6.5M paid subscribers within the first month after the end of the free trial period for early adopters. That puts it on track to be a billion dollar business right off the starting grid.

What next? Siri refusing to answer questions about smartphones unless you own the latest iPhone?

Ironically, Apple recently ran an ad highlighting Siri’s increased helpfulness. Perhaps she’s a little tetchy from the thought of the added workload of dealing with Apple TV searches once the new units ship?

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