Encased released a new, sleek charging cradle for the iPhone 7 Plus, that helps charge, support and display your device on just about any nightstand or table in your house, so you can easily access your iPhone whenever you want.

This dock would be perfect for anybody who is constantly working at home and would like their iPhone right beside them while they’re working, since it’s great for seeing any incoming calls, messages and the status of your device’s battery while it’s charging. And, due to it being really lightweight and easy to ensemble, whenever you get up from your desk and go into another room, you can easily just plug it up into the nearest outlet and continue with what you’re doing, without having to interfere with your iPhone charging.

Here are some of the key features the dock comes with:

  • Comes with a compatible port that ensures your iPhone’s battery is up and ready to go
  • Super sleek and lightweight
  • Is compatible with any cases that allows the connector to reach the iPhone’s lightning port
  • Sync with your computer using the built-in cable
  • Great for seeing any notifications or calls while working

Encased charging dock is currently available at their official website for $39.99 that comes in a color of black and silver. For more information about this particular charger, you can always click on the link for more details.

Source: Encased

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