Should you keep your backup data in a safe?

Backing up your data is important, and using Time Machine is a great way to do it. But do you need to go even further? Should you, say, go so far as to clone a drive and keep the drive in a a fireproof safe in their home bolted to the floor? A read asks:

Even if somebody steals my iMac and Time Capsule, it is very unlikely the safe will get stolen. And most likely the safe will survive a house fire. I also have an encrypted sparse bundle with mission critical financial data stored there. Given the above, would you still recommend a cloud backup service?

Yes, yes, yes, and also, yes. It’s best to have three copies of your data in distinctly different forms: live on your computers, an easily accessible backup or clone, and an offsite or cloud continuously updated backup. Hard drives are cheap and unlimited cloud-based backup services are cheap. Encryption is free. Offsite storage, in a safe-deposit box or other location, shouldn’t be expensive, either, or could be free.

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