Second opinion: Ars readers’ picks for the Deathwatch errata

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Welcome to 2018! We're less than a week into the New Year, and we've already got a number of new dumpster fires fully ablaze. Apple's BatteryGate PR disaster is now burning as hot as a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Microsoft's Kinect died, and nobody knew it—no wonder I couldn't find an adapter for my new Xbox One S. ("Hey Cortana, find me another way to let you surveil my household!") And Hooters is now serving crypto currency with its burgers. What a time to be alive!

Last week, we published the Ars 2018 Deathwatch—the list of companies and other entities most at risk of a fiscal, technological, or cultural-relevancy death in the coming year. We asked readers to share their own picks in the comments, just in case we missed any candidates. And, not surprisingly, many of you have strong opinions about this sort of thing.

Some of your picks matched up with companies we had debated putting on the list ourselves. Some were… shall we say, wishful thinking. Some were well-reasoned rejoinders to revive companies we've dropped off the list. Others were… not. But who are we to judge? We keep putting HTC on our list even though it keeps coming back year after year somehow, so we're willing to entertain a little debate.

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