Scientists have a new theory about where the Mars ocean went, and it totally sucks

mars water

Water on Mars has been an incredibly hot topic this year. Researchers have, at times, butted heads with others, and for every piece of evidence that suggests water once dominated the Martian landscape, there's another that strikes it down. After all, if Mars was once a watery world, where would such a vast ocean go? Was it lost to space as the planet's atmosphere was slowly stripped away by solar winds, or perhaps frozen and buried by sand and dirt over untold eons? A new research effort has attempted to tackle the question, and their best guess quite literally sucks.

The study, which was conducted by scientists at the Department of Earth Sciences at Oxford and published in Nature, used a computer model of Mars to simulate the potential of the planet to actually suck up its own surface water. The water, reacting with rock in the planet's mantle, may have been slowly absorbed over billions of years.

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